Geared Motors

The Geared Motor range features a very large scope of configurations, including foot mounted, flange mounted, hollow or solid shaft, inline or right-angle arrangement, and can be used horizontally, vertically, up or down, or sideways. The mass production on automatic machines guarantees a high quality and a short delivery on this motor.

Manufacturing Geared Motors

Manufacturing of Geared Motors is carried out on the very latest CHC machining centres at the Donly factory, with machine tools from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK and USA, guaranteeing the highest level of precision productivity available in the world. Full traceability of all raw material, manufacturing processes, inspections and assembly are documented for every Gearbox and are available on simple request. This includes chemical analysis of raw material before machining, gear cutting, full immersion gas carburizing heat treatment of gears (spie pieces), gear grinding and laboratory gear measurement.

Every Gearbox assembly is “double inspected” with records kept. This is followed by load testing and full load testing as required to guarantee vibration level, temperature rise and noise. Remote condition monitoring fitted as required.

All Gearboxes carry a 3-year warranty along with a network of service centres around Australia. The experience and service capability is second to none with some 20 years of history with the world’s largest mining and minerals processing companies. Explore our diverse product categories and find the perfect items for your needs.

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